The 2 year Old In You.

We have lost something very special in the process of growing up into being an adult. We have lost the colourfulness, creativity and beauty that we were born with. Most adults are dull dispassionate people that believe that we are no more special or beautiful than the next. Our lives are colourless and we accept it because we are pretty similar to everyone else we meet. Where did our beauty get lost? And how would it change our lives if we found it again?
Little children dress up into princesses or super hero outfits. Girls in pretty dresses and crowns, and then they come to display just how very pretty they are to just about everyone, and when their daddy or child minder says they the prettiest little girl they have ever seen, they do believe it!
Little boys are firemen, Ben 10 or Spiderman and when they have their right outfit on they truly believe they can change and save the world. They are heroes and nothing can defeat their abilities. They can protect and save anyone and everyone. They can achieve anything!
Psychologists call this fantasy play, where children create a world they can control and feel secure and safe in. They make their own colourful interpretation of their world around them. They know the difference between reality and fantasy. But what I find incredible is that they can create this world with their own meaning and belief in themselves by the age of two. They splash the creations of their imaginations to make a safe place and add beauty into a world that’s big, dark and scary at times. And they believe that they can make a difference, they can achieve anything and yes, that they are the most beautiful or the greatest hero that has ever lived.

Somewhere along the line we step into a ‘reality’ that we cannot change our life-world around us. It is what it is. We listen to the lies of people that we have met and believe we no longer have anything worth offering and are no longer beautiful. We are plain and ordinary, even when we are dressed in our pretty dresses and shoes - deep down inside our hearts we question whether we are beautiful, and when our husbands or loved ones say “WOW you are the prettiest women I have ever seen” We don't believe it!
Adults lose their creativity; we seem to accept our lives the way they are instead of adding our own colourful interpretation to it.

I want to find the childhood ‘Juliette’ again. I am going to try out new things and believe before I start that I can do it. I am going to learn to play an instrument with my own tunes; ride my bike in the mountains and not worry so much about falling. I am going to learn to mosaic and even if what I create isn’t what I hoped it would look like, I am going to stick it up on the wall anyway, to try and learn from it – instead of chucking it away and saying I am useless and not artistic. What if one day by accident I create a new style of mosaic that’s never been created before? Maybe my mosaic creation will change the way people have been doing mosaic for thousands of years. Yes it maybe a pointless example but that’s the kind of belief that will change my life-world. The small things in my life matter. And lastly but most important I am going to try believe that I am going to find the little girl who knew she was pretty and special, because we all are unique and beautiful, perfectly made in Gods image. He knitted us together in our mothers wombs. We are entirely perfect in God's eyes and also perfect in the eyes of the ones who love us unconditionally too. So I will dash on perfume to fragrance my day, pick flowers for my desk because they brighten the room, send my husband silly ‘I am mad about you sms’s’ every now and again because I believe it will add a smile to his day. Or bake my neighbours cupcakes even though I don’t know them. All day, everyday I am going to try splash a little bit of inspiration into my life and hopefully the lives of others too. To make my world seem less dark and big and impossible to change, I am going to change the ‘reality’ of this mundane listless life and step into the fantasy play of life – adding colour to whatever I want, to make this world seem like more of a fairytale to me again.