Our Beloved Africa

A poem by Angus Buchan, I share his heart  and love for Africa! I thought this was very special, may it warm your heart and hope for Africa too. If the poem doesn't blow you away the picture of this african sunset and the beauty of the picture certainly should! =) enjoy!


A land of such contrasts.
Much death,
much love.
So harsh
yet so gentle,
so sensitive.
A land which has the most incredible sunrises,
and most beautiful sunsets.
A land of the most diverse cultures and ethnic peoples,
Each one bringing to the tapestry
such beautiful colours of love, passion, patience,
determination, striving, failure and success.
Africa, my beloved Continent.
It is a deeply spiritual place
where the acknowledgement of God
has always been known by its people;
where men and women came from over the seas
to tell us His Name, "Jesus the Christ".
How we have embraced that truth
with everything that is within us.
We have died for Him,
been martyred for Him,
and now we are taking Our Nkosi
to the peoples of the earth who have forgotten Him!
Our beloved Africa sheltered the "Christ Child"
when His mother and father fled the tyranny of evil in Israel.
And now, as Jesus is preparing to return to earth
to claim His own, we are once again blowing the trumpet,
warning the peoples of the earth to turn back
to Almighty God.
There is an urgency in the land which is unprecedented
anywhere else in the world.
Africa knows the King is returning soon,
and our eyes are lifted up towards the clouds.
We see the signs so very evident in our continent:
Signs of war and violence, of hunger and drought,
of floods and disease, of poverty and greed.
The travesties of injustice, anger and greed
cause us to look up and inward,
to prepare ourselves for the soon-coming King.
While the world continues to seek for peace
and well-being in their own wisdom and strength,
their own efforts,
they are truly being horribly deceived by the ruler of this world.
My beloved Africa,
There is nowhere else I would rather be in this earthly life
than to be resident in you.
Irrespective of all the suffering I see around me,
the unfairness, the abuse, the inequality,
yet to live here is to live in reality.
All else is living a lie.
And so, by the grace of God, through Jesus Christ,
I will endeavour with everything that is within me,
to make my beloved Africa a better place
for all peoples to live in;
to introduce its people to their Creator,
to combat hatred.
With God's love,
where there is hopelessness, to bring vision.
Where there is brokenness and pain,
to bring healing and joy.
Because, as the people of Africa put their complete focus
back on God then, indeed, she will arise and shine,
and the glory of the Lord will come upon her,
and the continent which has for so long
been called the dark continent,
shall have its name changed for ever
to the Continent of Light,
for the Lord Jesus will arise over us.

Angus Buchan

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